Family Clinic of Natural Medicine

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Looking for Holistic and Integrative Medicine for the Whole Family?

Look no further, The Family Clinic of Natural Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin has all that you need. Two Naturopathic Doctors, a Nurse Practitioner, an Acupuncturist, and a Massage therapist are on staff and eager to help you with your healthcare needs.

Many health concerns can be addressed. Call the office today and schedule a free 10 minute phone consult to make sure we are the best fit for you (608) 222-2700.

Looking for a Licensed Practitioner

The Family Clinic continues to grow! Due to the growth in our IV therapy (Chelation, vitamin C infusions, and Myer’s Cocktails) services, we are seeking a Nurse Practitioner (NP), Osteopathic doctor (DO), or medical doctor (MD) to help in the implementation of these beneficial therapies.

We are so thankful for Margot Harris, our current Nurse Practitioner. It is only because of her that we have been able to provide services like IV therapy, women’s health exams and the occasionally needed prescriptions, all from a naturopathic perspective. Unfortunately, due to her work at Mercy Hospital in Janesville, and her growing family, Margot is not able expand her hours with us to accommodate our growth. It is for this reason that we are looking for another practitioner to help.

If you know a licensed medical provider that might be interested in working with “The Family” and appreciates the power of natural medicine, please let them know about us. You might know the perfect person for the job – we would greatly appreciate any leads!

“Finding Health” DVD Now Available

For anyone who missed Dr. Georgia and Dr. Henkel’s presentation “Finding Health in A Failing System,” this summer, we now have DVD’s of the 3-hour seminar available for $10. Just let the front desk know if you want to buy one. We will also have one available in our free library loan resource section at the clinic. Here are some highlights that you missed. . .

  • Staying healthy with or without insurance
  • Find affordable research-based healthcare resources
  • Balance conventional and natural medicine
  • Interpret recent diet and nutritional research

Give us a call if you are interested (608) 222-2700